Check out these XRL forks...

I recently bought these XRL forks from a guy to get the .47kg eibachs that were inside of them. When I popped the cap off to get the springs out I noticed a ton of preload on them, around 2" - way more than I've seen before on XR forks. Then I put some stock XRL springs in them (still way too long for the fork) and stood the forks next to my stock '07 XRL forks and wow! 2" / 5 cm shorter??? Whats the deal? shortened for supermoto maybe? I was planning on selling them on ebay before I realized the difference in length but I want to make sure I know what I have. The guy I them from says he never noticed and didn't know anything :smirk: but anyway they're mine now. I the pic both forks are fully extended with stock XRL springs installed. What have I got here?


hey didn't know you were on this forum,did you take them apart and see if there is some kind of shim in the bottom? all the years I had my xr I always thought that was funny that everyone complained on how high they are,I'm only 5'7" and could reach the ground,well now I know why,I have my usd set up on and wow is she tall,good thing I lowered my seat ,

hope you find out the deal with those forks.

see ya:thumbsup:

It looks like the tubes themselves have had about two inches cut of the bottoms. Definitely haven't had any cut off the top, and it wouldn't be possible to cut them in the middle and weld them back together smooth enough to still work. :smirk:

More than likely they just have limiting spacers installed so they don't fully extend.

I would imagine a XR650L with 17" wheels and lowered suspension would be bad about dragging the pegs during a Sumo race. Probally just done for a shorter rider to help feel more secure.

Anyone in the market for some shorty XRL forks?:smirk:

Whats the XL600R fork diameter?

They are larger than XL forks and will not work in the XL trees. Someone would have to use the XRL trees also.

It would be a worthy upgrade and it would still look stock to most people.

I would pull them completely apart to make sure that the stanchions are shorter than OEM. There may be spacers installed that can be removed.

Whats involved in getting them disassembled that far? I've done plenty of fork seals but haven't gone beyond that. I'd like to get a little deeper into a set of forks that I can afford to screw up - I guess this is my opportunity :smirk:

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