98 300 klx spark issues.

i need some help , bought a 300klx ,no spark and my first 4 stroke project. after getting a book and doing some componet testing the voltage regulator and cdi box tested bad and kill switch was missing. i got all the parts bought finally installed them and had spark. yes im halfway home.after some kicking in the shop with just some pops we decided too drag it down the road.i have no idea how long this bike has sat. getting a couple of pops on the road took it back to the shop the thing was mostly sliding on a frozen gravel road.back at the shop ,no spark again.aarrgghh!!! . start testing again v.reg. and cdi box out again. question,would a faulty stator fry these two components? stator test within tolerance in a static shop ohm test according to manual. im looking now at replacing stator,v.reg.and cdi box. help if you can im really bummed.:smirk:

If I'm reading the service manual correctly, the coils in the stator are seperate......one goes to the regulator and lights, the other to the ignition. Seems very unlikely that BOTH circuits would get toasted at the same time.

Soemone in another forum was having ignition problems and it turned out to be a sheared key in the flywheel.

Unrelated to your stated problem, be sure to check the intake valve clearances. They tend to go to no clearance with use.

Ride on


thats is one puzzling thing. they are seperate coil packs,i will try testing coil outputs which is hard since it doesnt run and no electric start for constant cranking.back to the book and start saving for more parts.keep your eyes and ears open for any help im open for anything.thanks again.c

I had the sheared flywheel key. My advice is to just keep at it.

thanks bob,how did u finally figure out that was the problem. did u have intermitent spark?i pickup a stator and v.reg on ebay today and got a line on cdi box and wiring harness. i replacing everything this bikr will run or else!

thanks chris

I had intermittent then no spark. Changed out coil, then CDI, then stator. Figured maybe the magnets were bad in the flywheel, and discovered the bolt was VERY loose, causing the flywheel to shear the woodruff key.

ill be sure to check while im in there.

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