Oil Change Tips??

Hey All,

I was aboutto change the oil in my '01 426 and the manual makes it seem like surgery. Do I really have to replace the o rings?

Can any of you more experienced riders give me the low down? I just want to get the metal out of the case before my next ride tomorrow!

I know this is beneath many of you but advice would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone!

just inspect the o-rings for cracking or other damage. If they appear to be okay, re-install them. Just clean the screen (in the frame)and filter(inspect for damage also) and re-install them also. Re-fill with approx. 1700cc of your oil of choice and enjoy the ride. I don't think anyone here is above offering advice.


like a kid again!

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I agree, if it aint broke don't replace it. I only check the screen in the frame a couple of times a season. The size of that screen is pretty big and would be pretty hard to clog up. If it did happen, you would probably have worse problems than a dirty oil filter......

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