Routing Fastline Brake cable

Does anybody know how to mount this cable.

Inside of fork brace, or out side of brace?

I have a bracket coming in from Gibsonia Cycles but not sure what it's going to look like and it's backed order. In the meanwhile I would like to go riding!

If you look at the picture of the bike a couple a posts ago "everts" that picture shows a pretty good view. I would put it on the inside of the fork towards the wheel. I am also thinking about getting one of those lines. How much?


A Fastline brake line costs $50-65, depending who you get it from. To mount the line, you cut off the stock plastic routing "hook" on the left fork guard. You then bolt on the adapter ensuring it won't hit the fork slider when you compress the front end. With mine came a piece of aluminum flat stock that you bolt to the caliper and it will hold the brake line just above the caliper. I noticed on mine that the inner most fork guard slider was cutting into the brakeline when my forks compressed so I cut it off. You'll see what I mean when you get yours together. Some bikes I've seen had this problem, some didn't.


99 YZ400

With the Fastline and CR routing do you really get added feel and stopping power. Anyone with this system please advise. I have been thinking of the mod myself, DSP makes a small mount for the stock fork guards, don't know the price but it has to be cheaper than their CF fork guards with the mount already on. Let me know.

Good tip Jason, you will need the CR type mount to make the Fastline mod, otherwise you won't have anything to secure the line to on your fork guard.

You will be amazed at the difference, I changed front and rear with Fastline steel braided lines and my bike will stop on a dime.

Norman # 911

Beaumont TX

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