Buying WR 450 '07

Hi, i'm new here...and i think i've found the right deal.

I've found a WR 450 2007 with original plastic kit, 5650km, never rided in competitions (says the owner) i went to see it and it looks very nice and well-preserved.

The question is, what can i check in the bike, so i wont be buying a piece of cr** ?

The owner said he only replaced air filters, oil filters and oil of course, never did any mod.

He is asking for 4800€ and he's giving me rear tire (new), oil and air filters (new) and all his equipment.

Thanks for your help.

What sort of use, off or on road, did it have for 5650km. If it was 100% off road, then at 120 - 180 hours, it could be due for some top end work.

4800€ seems pricey (maybe it's just me).

I'd never, ever, do serious riding with a used helmet. They're only good for 3-5 years whether it's worn or not, and you may not be able to see any defect in the shell.

You won't really know how the bike is until you get it home. You can check the obvious things like the oil, air filter, rads, chain lube and tension, but that doesn't tell you much. DO check the chain guide at the swingarm. That's notorious for wearing a hole under the guide into the swingarm. Check for how the steering head feels (crunchy? tight, loose?) Again, that's not going to tell you anything about the engine internals, which is the big cost item on an F.

You *can* tell that if the engine is warm when you go to look at it, that the seller made sure it would start before you got there. That's a warning to me that the seller wasn't confident that it would start on the first try, cold. An "I just wanted to make sure it was tuned" answer may be truthful, but that doesn't help you out any.

The owner said that for him to get into offroad he had to make 10/15km onroad to get there.

The bike was in his garage, when i arrived. I asked him to take it out and start it, it started at first try (with e-start) and i didnt drive it because i didnt have an helmet. But i'm going to try it right before i give him the money (maybe next saturday).

He seems to be a honest guy, but you know, in this world we cant trust 'no one'.

About the equipment, i'm going to sell it and buy a new one with that money plus my money.

So checking the chain guide for an hole, could indicate hard riding ?

Also, i'm going to ride the bike before buying it, any sound i should take care of?

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The "hole" is in the swingarm, underneath the guard (slider). The slider will look normal. The wear is caused by grit getting under the chain slider and grinding away the aluminum. You can see damage (if there is any) with a flashlight without having to remove the slider; just lift it a little with a screwdriver and a paper towel so you don't scratch the guy's bike.

(Thanks to Grayracer513 for the link and his version of the fix). Alternatively, you can put some weatherstrip foam under the slider or glue the slider to the swingarm.

Ok david, many thanks for your help!

I hope I make a good purchase, but first let's test it :smirk:

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