How to remove and check carb slide????

Does anyone has the procedures for removing the carb slide on my 99 dub-r to inspect it for cracks?

I bought the bike without a throttle stop and I'm a little nervous of what I might find.

Also, can I buy a throttle stop for this bike to file down?


I believe you can check the carb slide by removing the sub frame w/the air box boot and look right into the carb at the slide. This is if you don't want to remove the carb. I just removed my sub frame to change the shock spring and it was quick and easy.

For the throttle stop I got a YZ stop and it was the perfect length. I could tell when I had the sub frame off the slide opened all the way and stoped at the top.

The part of the slide that cracks is on the engine side. You HAVE TO REMOVE THE CARB. I made a post on carb removal for the '00WR, but there are more hoses on the '99 so it is not as easy. Try searching on carb removal . The part you are looking for is a plate (Needle valve or valve plate)


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