2008 wr450 frozen solid!

I have a question for all of you, sometimes when I try to start my bike it may sputter and try to start, then if I hit the e start the motor wont turn like its seized up... even if I try to kick her I cant.. motor is frozen solid!

the first time it happened it scared the shiznet out of me!

The bike has done this since brand new

I realized that if I put the bike in gear (say second) and rock the bike backwards just a tiny bit where the motor turns backwards it will kick and e start fine!

bike runs excellent! I have had zero problems other than this curiosity

can anyone tell me why this is happening on occasion?

I dont think this is mere compression as it has stalled in first gear before and the rear tire just locks... any thoughts? :smirk:

initial thought is the automatic compresion release is sticky

My 06 YZ450 will do that every now and then also. If you wait about 30 seconds, atleast my bike anyways, it will kick like normal and fire right up.

maybe it is compression then... and by waiting a minute the pressure in the cylinder goes down allowing the engine to spin...

if it is an auto decompression how do I check it? guess I better hit my owners big blue on this one...lol

My 03 WR 450 does that sometimes as well. And it scared the crap out of me the first time also. I'm actually glad to see I'm not the only one.

My buddy calls it hydro lock. His did that on occasions and the only way to get it off was as you described and rock it in gear until it released.


My buddy calls it hydro lock.

I don't think its exactly hydro lock!

That's where your cylinder is full of a liquid (water or fuel etc.) and it won't compress.


My 08 does ot and as you say rock it back and forth a bit and it fires straight up

No harm done yet

I think it is caused by the bike stalling on the compression stroke

Coz the engine was running the auto decompressor wasn't active, and trying to turn the engine over with the engine past the point where the decompressor closes is too much for the starter motor

Just don't burn out your starter motor trying to overcome it by not doing the rock back & forth trick

It's pretty common, just happened to my '08 yesterday as well. Honestly, I don't even think about it. I usually get it moving forward with just the kickstarter and forget about it.

outerlimits thats the problem when mine does it I cant kick it! I can stand on that kick starter and it WILL NOT MOVE! I weigh 250! I wish I could get it moving forward with a kick starter maybe you didnt read the original post...

outerlimits thats the problem when mine does it I cant kick it! I can stand on that kick starter and it WILL NOT MOVE! I weigh 250! I wish I could get it moving forward with a kick starter maybe you didnt read the original post...

I read it and understand. Mine feels the same way, kind of like the piston is at the bottom of the stroke and someone put a baseball in there, just completely locked up. For some reason I have not had to put the bike in gear yet, I just have kept stabbing at the kicker a few more times and have finally gotten it past the point of lock, not sure how or why.

Honestly, what really blows me away even more is that sometimes I will kick the bike when it's cold and then stop. I'll get ready for the next kick and put my foot at the top of the kicker and with virtually zero effort (just the weight of my foot) and not even trying to start the bike, my foot falls through the stroke and the bike springs to life. Times like that make me wonder why I need a bike with e-start. :smirk:

mine just started the same thing in the last race. Im waiting to get back home to figure this out also. I can hit the start button get a click and nothing. once it gets past that stuck feeling. im a 250lber also and have stood on the kick starter. bring the kicker back up and its broke free. i can start the bike hitting the button and a kick over by hand. im guessing some type of decomp failure.

I posted this question awhile back because it had happend to me as well. I was told it is commom with all WRs and not to worry. It is stuck on the compression stroke and to rock it. That works but the first time it happened I was really worried that I was about to spend a lot of money cause it felt locked up solid. Doesn't seem to happen very often anymore.

Just lots of compression because the engine happens to be turned past where the auto-decomp would engage when you kick. I keep steady pressure on the kicker and it will creep through until it's past TDC. I weigh 230 and it can't stand on it and force it through the compression. It rarely stops in the bad spot for me unless I stall it (usually in a race).

With the old TT500s you had to start the same way, couldn't kick through the compression.

thanks everyone for your replies, I feel better knowing Im not alone and its not uncommon.

I'm surprised none of the "old gaurd" has provided the "new guard" with the proper explanation for this phenomenon. It was discussed ad naseum in the days past...I guess the old guard is getting, well, old and weary:busted: Anyway, here's Gray's definitive explanation for why this happens: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=5314979#post5314979

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