Finally happened----STOLEN

My bike was stolen last Friday night. I left the garage door open while my wife ran out for a little while. Was getting ready to rebuild my forks the next day, went out to look around and it was gone. Could see the track in the dew covered grass where they went across the yard. Cops took report. I thought was covered by homeowners, NOPE. Have been out everyday since cruising the neighborhood, nothing yet. Picture to the local dealer, reward flyers up tommorrow. 0 mile rear tire and brakes. I cried. :):D

Real bummer man.

If that ever happened to me Id probably do more than cry.

I'd get medevil on someone.

Hard to believe somone could steal a WR400 without being noticed by someone isnt it?

Thats why even though I live in a relativly safe suburban neighborhood I keep my bike locked up at all times and keep the garage door closed as much as possible to keep away from prying eyes.

More than likley it was someone that lives in your neighboorhood.


that really sucks, id be verry surprised that any one could even figure out howe to start mine. i probably would have cought the thief sweating his gutz out kickin the hell out of it.

Sorry man.

I hope the &*^hole breaks his foot trying to kick the thing over. :):D :D

Sorry to hear that man! Its like everyone who has a bike knows in the back of their mind but nobody wants to think about it. Dont worry man it will show up.The person who took it most times can even ride a beast like that. You know what they say,"WHAT GOS AROUND, COMES AROUND" Dude better watch his BACK!!!!! :):D

When you find the prick......tie him to the WR with your Buddy Tow and drag his thievin' butt down to the cop shop! Hope it's a couple of miles just for your own satisfaction! Real sorry to hear of your loss. Hope if they are riding it they're doing it in tennies, shorts and a tank top with no lid.....bring on the pain! :)

My friend had his WR500 (2 stroke) stolen years ago. He knew it was a kid in town (somebody squeeled).

He got the police involved, and the kid denied everything. Weeks later, the bike showed up for sale in a newspaper REAL CHEAP. Unfortunately, the guy that spotted the ad NEVER told my friend about it.

So long bike...!!!! :)

Scan the ads of all the newspapers within 50 miles.

>> You may find you can view the ads over the internet.

When you pick up your new '04 WR450, consider getting some motorcycle specific insurance on it. It's affordable and worth it. Home owners insurance won't always cover things like you have discovered.

Good luck, I truly hope you get it back.

...the bike showed up for sale in a newspaper REAL CHEAP...Scan the ads of all the newspapers within 50 miles.

That's very good advice.

If you live near a High School, I'd be very suspect. A few drive-bys at lunch through the school parking lot might yield results too.

Why was is not covered by your homeowners policy? :)

It was in the garage! :D

Best of luck in your search...

Homeowners policys cover very little. If you have expensive items in the house, jewelry, guns, motorcycles they don't cover those without an extra fee.

Amazingly enough I found that if my bike is operational it is not covered but if it isn't drivable, then it is. This was under the pretense that it was in a locked garage on my property. After being told that I am reading my entire home owners policy over again.

Hope you find it!

Home owner policies will not cover motorized vehicles. :D We lost my son’s gokart and that’s how we found out. Go see your agent and get you bikes covered under separate policies. It’s cheap and it’s defiantly worth it. :)

I had a KTM stolen from my yard when I was in college. Locked to a tree and the little Ba$tards cut the lock and took off. Fortunately for me, the bike had an expired tag. As these clowns were riding down a city street, a cop pulled them over and impounded the bike. The judge actually made them pay me the towing and storage fee plus I got my bike back.

After that, I looked into insurance and homeowners will not cover motorized vehicles like atv's, motorcycles, go carts, etc. You can get a separate addition for theft and fire and it's cheap. I also still lock my bike to the trailer in my garage.

I hope you find your bike.

Icebox and others,

A standard Homeowners Policy will never cover a dirt bike, in the garage or on the trail. With some companies you can add, for an additional premium, liability coverage. Some companies will also add comp. & collision for an additional charge. If its licensed for the road you need to either add it to an auto policy or get a Motorcycle policy. Homeowners coverage will NEVER cover anything that is "licensed for road use". A good rule of thumb is if it has a motor, and you can ride on it it is not covered unless its used for "maintenance and use of the premises". A riding mower, garden tractor etc. are covered because they are used to maintain the property. Unless added by endorsement dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, and snowmobiles are not covered.

Also when trailering the bike your auto policy does not provide any coverage.

TT'ers call your Agent and ask questions, without paying extra you have Nooooo coverage.

I have been in the Insurance business for 23 years and am very confident that this info. is correct.

Hope this helps.

A friend of mine had one stolen at an ORV park a few weeks ago..... I felt pretty bad for him until he pulled up next to me at Durhamtown last weekend on a brand new YZ450... He told me he had it insured with Progressive for $90.00 a year.... They paid off in a week and he is happy again... Needless to say I got Theft insurance with progressive for all three of my bikes last Friday....

Hope your bike turns up dude....

Add another wr400f to the list...STOLEN out of my buddy's locked garage last weekend. This one is street legal with a WASHINGTON State plate! PLEASE... keep your eye's and ears open!



Insure your bikes for theft AND property damage. Say one day you're riding along and your 2001 WR426 lights on fire. (It could happen :)) If the fire spreads you're liable and homeowner's won't give you a cent.

To make a long story short, I got the run around when asking about my WR450 because he said they would not cover certain parts which made no sense to me. They were trying to tell me that they wouldn’t cover an V-8 engine that is on a stand if there was an engine in my Chevelle. I threatened to cancel my policy then I finally got an answer and that was if the bike is operational it is not covered at all but if it is not rideable, it is covered. This is without an additional tack on policy. I can’t figure that one out? :)

Since I mentioned the threatening of cancellation, word to the wise, I threaten to cancel my credit card of 10 years and the operator told me that she could give me a better rate right after she got done telling me there were no other rates were available. She then goes on to tell me that the cancellation department can always give a better rate. Go figure again but I just got my MasterCard down to 6.2% APR (1.9 + prime rate).

I am done ranting now. :D


" But if its not rideable its covered"

Have that put in writing and sent to you, your attorney will appreciate it. Your policy won't cover it but your agents "Errors & Omissions Policy" will. Your Homeowners policy will not cover it Dead or Alive unless you have paid extra for an endorsement.

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