Finally happened----STOLEN

Mine is in a shed with a big chain a padlock running thru front rims on three differant bikes and thru a hole in one of the wall studs :D. My WR also has a Kryptonite brake disc lock on the rear :). If someone wants my bike bad enough they will have to cut the chain and carry that sucker away.

Smoke :D

When you find the prick......tie him to the WR with your Buddy Tow and drag his thievin' butt down to the cop shop

No, better yet, get another buddie, both with some big bore thumpers, now each of you tie one leg to your bike, other to your buddies, and both launch is opposite directions! Oh, dont forget to make a wish first! :):D

When I had called them my bike was in parts and I have some kids in town that have taken a liking to my bike so I wanted to cover myself when I was gone for a week.

What gets me is how many answers I got from them before they said if it is not rideable then it essentially is considered like all the other car parts I have in my garage, just part of my personal property. It sure was difficult for them to say that though.

You better believe I requested to get everything in writing. Even more so when I really get going on the Chevelle. Really it turned into a moot point since I have it dual sported and insured now. It was an interesting experience in learning about my agent and his affiliates.

"If its not rideable then its essentially considered like all other car parts I have in my garage just part of my personal property"

A Homeowners policy starts with a list of definitions, lists what is covered in broad terms and then lists the Exclusions. I am looking at a policy now and in the Exclusions section, it says.

We do not cover

Motor vehicles and Recreational Vehicles, there equipment, accessories and parts.

It won't cover the bike, running or not, and also all of those extra parts you have accumulated through the years are not covered either. A Homeowners policy just will not cover a car or cycle or there parts. Agents don't read policies often enough, but the claims adjuster allways read them before they write the check. TTers look into this, after the loss is a bad time to find this out.

What can I say, I’m glad I have the coverage of my policy over yours. You raise an excellent point, ask questions now instead of later and have the paper trail in order to prove it.


" What can I say, I'm glad I have the coverage of my policy over yours"

I was not reading from my policy, I was reading from the standard policy that nearly all insurance companies use. The Standard base policy can be adjusted with options to make it more appealing to consumers. Company A's policy may not read exactly the same as Co. B, the minor frills may vary but the base policy is the same. The platform is the same and its the platform that says they won't cover, cars, bikes or there parts. My policy does not cover this, yours doesn't and to all that read this, yours doesn't either. It doesn't matter what someone says it covered, its what the policy says is covered that matters. Pull out your policy and look for Exclusions, it will be in bold letters. The new policies are quite east to read, please take a fiew and look at it. Insurance coverages are alot like jetting a FCR Carb., you need to spend alot of time to figure it out. Insurance is what I do, have done it so long it now makes sence to me (scarry).

Icebox, I have learned nearly all I know about the WR426 from TT, what a great site. I have taken all of this great information and put it to use, without much opportunity to give back. Insurance is the one thing I know really well and I ask that you and all TTers work with me on this. Read your policy, your cars, bikes and there parts are NOT covered by your Homeowners Policy.


Sorry about your bike.

I watched someone walk in to my garage one summer night. My next door neighbor had his garage broken into, twice. Then I found out that my homeowners insurance would replace my $90 lawn mower befor they would ever cover my new dirtbike. Then I discovered that Honda Finance

requires insurance. All this has led me to insure my bike with Progressive(liability/comprehensive @$75/year). And as far as my garage, I have bought a steel door and reinforced the door jamb, boarded up the windows,

don't keep the bike visible from the street,motion detector lights, Radio shack motion detector alarm inside, and believe it or not, a baby monitor. Call me paranoid, but I sure sleep better a night because of all this BS. (Strange to listen to an empty garage...I can even hear rain hitting the garage roof. I'm sure that alarm would get my attention.) If your garage has windows, they can get in. Even can push in air conditioner unit, and just roll your bike right out the door. I know none of this helps in your situation, but may be helpful in the future to you or someone else out there. LB

I know it's a moot point now but I gave my insurance guy a list of mods and have mine insured as "replacement value", including all the extras for $115 per year. I also have liability insurance in case I injure another rider and he decides to sue.

I hope you find your bike, good luck :)


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