Applied triple clamp question


A friend has a set of applied racing triple clamps upper and lower which he purchased in late 05/early 06 for his 06 yz450. Not sure of what offset they are as of yet and if they would work /make my bike turn better(08yz450). Any clamp gurus that could help me out on if they would benefit me or on the amount of models and offsets that they would have made manufactured back then ? Any info would be just gran, thanks in advance.:smirk:

Applied made primarily two offsets for the '06, the stock 25 mm and a 24 mm offset favored by Doug Dubach. The 24 was also the one selected by a group of test riders in blind testing.

They won't fit......

I had an 06 and bought an 08 had to buy new ones..:smirk:

What was the cause of the mis-fit?

Not sure exactly........

I think I heard that the forks were a tad larger in diameter than previous years? I think 08 is the year the changed the forks slightly?

If you look in the catalogs you will see that they are different part numbers for 06 and 08.

Interesting. The inner tubes are 48mm right from '04 up (there are other differences, of course), but I have seen that the Applied listings assign one set to '07-'09 and another to '06. Always wondered if that was for real, or just another cataloging mixup.

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