Excel Rims Bend.....

I just joined the group of bent rim riders. Going over my bike before my first ride of the year, I discovered my front rim has a ding in it. The only way this could have happened is by hitting a square edge bump sometime last season - I do mean BUMP. This bike has never taken a hard landing.

WOW!!!!!!! A square edge bump - now there's a test of durability!!!!!

Junk - is all I can say - just another disappointment to an expensive trail bike that looks like the one the pros race.



I believe you are misdirecting your anger. I have been racing and riding my bikes with Excel rims for several years and have only slightly dented one of the rims.

There are many reasons why the rim could have bent, underinflated tires, loose spokes, hitting a square edged bump or hole...and the list goes on.

Remember, by nature these bikes are designed to take abuse, but they do have mechanical limits to the beatings we give them.



We use Excel because they bend, instead of breaking. During the Nevada 2000 we bent up 2 sets of excels, but never cracked or broke 1, they always got us home. At the mid point in the race we were at a bike shop in Reno. I don't remember the shops name, but they are just behind the Reno Hilton. They were kind enough to change our tires and straighten our rims for us (free of charge). Even after many hard dings, and hammer straightenings the rims are still useable. Excels KICK ASS.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

Excel's are great. Every rim on the market is designed to take a certain amount of abuse. My Dad rides a Honda CR500, he has a dented rim. My last bike that my brother now rides, a RM125 has a dented rim(front & back). If you think you're going to find a bike with indestructable rims, think again.

There are many reasons that a rim could bend. Like yzernie said: low tire pressure, loose spokes, square bumps/holes.

It doesn't always take abuse to bend a rim. You can hit something wrong are skip off a rock or anything.

All in all...Don't worry about it. Bending rims is normal, whether they're Excel or not.



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