I finally tried the Maxxis IT

I have been too busy trapping coyotes to do much riding lately so my new Maxxis IT has been collecting dust in the garage. I spooned it on Sat. morning and headed out for a little ride. 8.5 hours and 130 miles later the Maxxis gets 2 thumbs up. :) I crossed literally hundreds of logs, went through miles of axle deep mud, and rode rocks until I couldn't stand anymore. The tire worked just as well as my old standby Pirelli MT16 for a lot less cash. I not only rode totally overgrown singletrack but had to ride miles of woods with no trail at all. The BRP is a great woods bike. I had no problem hanging with the smaller bikes and most of the time I was waiting for them to catch up. :D Every one out here laughs at me when I show up on the pig, but they don't laugh for long.

But, back to the subject, the Rockatt88 recommended Maxxis IT rocks. :D

I put the IT's on 2 weeks ago and they look good on the bike in the garage! I will have to do an early morning desert run soon.


I ran a Maxxis IT for the last 75 miles of the Baja 500. It worked great. I was really surprised. Normally tires only last 300 miles racing, but this one looked to be in great shape- and that included 10 miles of asphalt (skidding, locked up brakes into turns, etc) and 15 miles of 5th gear packed adobe (lots of wheel spin). I was a pit skeptical, but that tire hoooked up great, and took some significant abuse. I will certainly try the new Maxxis Desert tire soon.

When is Maxxis' Dez Tire due to make it's appearance? I just put on my 2nd IT and had a go out at Havasu back on the 4th of July weekend. Put new IT's front & rear on the CR & KDX. Serious Riding Jones...can't... hold out mutch longer..Bones...Spock...set phasers to... WFO :)

Put on a maxxiss Ht front and rear. For some good rock/woods riding here in the east and ran it about 100miles last Sat!!! It still looks new and performes very well!! so long to big $$$ perelli tires :)

When I got my son his KDX we tried out the Maxxis ST (?) can't remember the model initials but it was the soft terrain rear tire. Thing worked great in the soft sand washes and sand hills at Ocotillo Wells. The knobs are smaller and spaced further apart. Using the stock tire size, he's not big enough to justify a fatter tread. The new IT 100/100 X 18 I put on his scoot is TASTY! He's gonna love this thang!

Late! :)

Rumor was the Maxxis Desert was coming out this summer, but havent heard anything lately.


Rokatt-you and your buds still on for the big one?


i wonder if the new maxxis desert tire will be at the same price point as the IT. i also wonder if they are gonna build it with the sidewalls from hell that the dunlop has.

part of the appeal of the IT is that it's cheap and easy to put on compared to the dunlop...

Iron-Guy-Man-Dude! Yep! We have confirmed our team and I am sending away for the applications. We are very stoked! I want to get with you regarding the 300 as well. Check it out or maybe try & ride it! :D:)

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