2011 Air Filter

I just inspected the new machine i bought and wanted to see what all the stress would be in air filter maintenance ...... I dont really see what the problem would be .... but do have some questions

1) if using spray oil should i spray both sides of this flat filter ?

2) the thin sheet , will it need cleaning often ?

3) should i be greasing the edges of fliter as i did on my 08 ?


p.s. the factory must have used motor oil on stock filter from what i can tell, tossed that and puttin a fresh twinair filter in :smirk:

I dont use spray oil I use no toil filter oil and basically dunk the filter and squeeze out the access so I would say yes oil both sides. No need for grease and the very thin filter hardy ever gets dirty but it really depends on riding conditions your in and how often you clean/change your air filter.I change mine about every 3 rides unless the track is very dusty then I change it after that ride.You will get some roost (dirt clods) that will sneak through the air flow hole in the shroud and will sit at the bottom of the filter I usually make sure all debris is gone before I lift the filter out of there so nothing can fall through .

1. Yes spray both sides and kneed

2. The thin sheet will get oil on it after time but I never touch mine after 40 hrs its just a small amount of oil. If I do anything it will be replace it sometime in the future.

3. No need just oil the entire filter and the oil is sufficient in sealing

enjoy your new ride :smirk:

I personally like the new setup its easy with no struggling to line things up.

cool thanks for the advice >>> any other tweaks i need to know before i ride it ?

I eliminated my stock set up and went foe the DT-1 filter and cage, with their oil. I like the bigger filter, and plan on doing airbox mods in the near future.

i have the k&n filter in mine and its a flat style filter as well but with the design you actually remove the screen and thin pre-filter and its just the k&n. i havent dont alot of riding with it due to snow. but been to the sandbox in WI a couple times and havent had any problems with cleaning it out or anything getting past the filter

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