04 replaced rear rotor and pads, no brakes now

My brakes were fine before I did anything to them (just had a bent rotor). Pulled the tired, replaced rotor and pads at the same time, put tire back on and don't have any brakes now. If I push the brake lever, I can see the piston come out and looks like it is pressing against the pads.

I have tried to pump the lever, but still no brakes. Is there something I am missing or something I should look at.

Keep in mind I have no experience with the brakes except for what I have done so far.


It is likely that the pads need to "bed" into the rotor. I have had this issue with new pads installed with an old rotor.


Or you might need to bleed them. Personally, if I went to all of the trouble replacing the rotor and pads, I'd replace the fluid too. It's real easy and you'll end up with brakes that are super strong and will last a long time without fading. Just soak up as much of the fluid out of the reservoir as you can with a paper towel, pour in some fresh brake fluid, and pump the rear brake pedal a few times then hold it in the down position. Then, on the rear caliper there's a small banjo bleeder that needs to be cracked open a 1/4 turn. This will let some air/fluid out and the brake pedal will move slightly. Tighten the banjo bolt before letting up on the brake pedal, and repeat those steps over and over again until the fresh brake fluid comes out and there is no air coming out with it. Then clean up your mess, and you've got yourself some brakes that are gonna last. Maniac

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