Front master cylinder

I am trying to replace the brake fluid in the Front brakes and I just stripped one of the bolts on the master cylinder.

The screw looks like a phillips head screw, but it is not. The screws are like butter and I for sure stripped it. I am so frustrated with this.

At least I haven't wrecked my chance to ride this weekend, yet.

JIS? What size? Where to get this tool locally?

I am not the best mechanic, so any help for extraction would be appreciated.


I did the same thing on my honda. I used a dremel to put a straight cut in the head of the screw. Then used a flat head screw driver to remove it.

Or buy an extractor for like 10 bucks from Lowes or Home Depot.

Where the hell is Robert M. Pirsig (regarding manual speak) when you need him?

If you don't have a dremel just smack the edge of the screws counter clockwise (of course) with a chisel and hammer. You'll need new screws and may mark up the cover a little.

They are phillips screws, maybe #3, can't remember.

The use of a Posi drive screwdriver will prevent this from happening (SnaponTools)

try a "Left hand" drill bit, and that's why they're soft, so they are easy to remove.

use a slot screw driver that fits and drive it in with a hamer thats what i had to do

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