Wheel balance - what to do....

Ok ... I knew my front wheel was out of balance by the way it felt.

So I put it up on my bike stand and started to check the balance.

The culprit is the rim lock. To get it in balance it took 120gm opposite the rim lock!

That's a lot of weight to try to secure to a rim or spokes.


Do I use a big weight on the spokes or do I take out the rim lock ???

What bike & what speeds are you doing? I take it you are riding on tarmac when you noticed this. Take off the rimlock, but you won't be able to run low pressures off road.


yep I noticed it on the Tarmac.

I only really do fire trails etc so I tend to run higher pressures. I am thinking that for a slow poke like me the rimlock can go.

I cut my balance weights down by moving the heavy part of the tyre opposite the rimlock. Should be a dot on the tyre sidewall, it could either be the light or heavy spot depending on the brand of tyre.

Motion pro make a lightweight plastic rimlock I'm not sure of the weight savings, I picked one up and it felt heavier than i expected but I didn't have a standard Yamaha one to compare it with. There is also small alloy rimlocks available.Hope this helps.

You could always run 2 rimlocks, but its a pain in the butt changing tyres. If you decide to remove it, mark the tyre/rim so you will know if it is turning.

Take the weights off and leave your rim locks in and buy yourself some Ride on tire sealant and balancer. The best stuff i have ever used. It balanced out my Wr and KTM tires. look for it www.ride-on.com It also seals up to 1/4" in tubeless and 1/8" in tubes holes. I also run it in my CB1000 street bike with no wheel weights. Low tire presure and a good piece of mind when daul sporting. its awesome stuff and Slime doesnt compair! Google Ride on you will love it and never use anything else. Im a fan for life!

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