Hey Dirtdad, Hey Davey J,

No...you didn't give the wrong information. I ordered the parts today. The parts, if you look in the YZ owners manual replace/add to the following components:

5jg163210000 friction plate

This plate replaces the plate closest to the inner hub. All other clutch parts are used as is. It is made of a different material from the friction and clutch plates.

5jg163830000 Clutch Boss Spring &

5jg163840000 Seat Plate

Go against the clutch boss and the thrust washer.

The whole purpose is to improve the clutches engagement.

My dealership verified the numbers, and I ordered them. Total: $52.50 7-10 Days shipping from California

I will be opening up my clutch tomorrow, and will know exactly what I am facing. I will keep you updated, and will be more than willing to download any written documentation that comes with the parts.

Hope this helps


YZ426 Kicks

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Thanks for the info Randy and good luck with the clutch retrofit/upgrade. You won't find a manufacturer installed clutch that'll equal yours after you get all the Hinson parts in! :) Let us know how it goes.


like a kid again!

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Hey, I've got an idea - put the $52.00 worth of parts in, sell your 426, and buy a KTM 520SX. :) If you read the 520 forum it appears they have less problems anyway. I'm new to thumpers, and TT has been instrumental in my decision to NOT purchase a 426. I know that to 520 KTM's aren't flawless, but it seems they have fewer reliability problems. My 520 should arrive next week, I really looking forward to it!

No problem Guys!

Tomorrow I open her up and tear her down. I know not what to expect but something is wrong. I will be video taping it, and if I can figure out how, I will post pictures of any defective parts I find on this forum.

I hope that those parts will help in bringing my clutch issues to an end. Between all that Hinson gear, new clutch packs and springs, and so forth--this bike should be bullet proof.

In fact, some 50 years from now the bike will be rusting in some junk yard, but the clutch will still be intact! :)

Its late...good night!

God Bless!


YZ426 Kicks!

P.S. KTM 520 sounds great...just one thing..she's starting to throw the clutch like the 426 as well. Got that from Hinson Racing...just passing it along

Actually it wasn't the dealers fault, it was mine. He didn't have the 01 fiche in front of him, and I just assumed it was all 9 discs.

Never heard of mixing friction discs with different compounds, but it now makes sense.

Thanks for clearing that up.


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