2001 YZ426 Lights

Has anyone put lights on thier YZ426? I have contacted, Ricky Stator, Trail Tech, Baja Designs to see if they offer a stator so I can install a off road light on my YZ they all said that they dont offer anything. Is my only option to purchase a 2001 WR426 stator, flywheel, and voltage regulator to run the stock Yamaha light? I really want a light that will really throw some light on the trail, I know the stock WR light is a 55 watt light is that my limit. Any help would be appreiciated.

Like you mentioned you need to purchase the OEM WR stator and flywheel, you will need to mod the stator to make it work with the YZ CDI, if you get to that point we can help with the mod. Stock WR stator is good for 100 watts.

Do I need the WR voltage regulator? How much is the Mod for the stator? This is something I need to get this done soon what is the turn around time?

Im running lights on my '01 but PO is the one that hooked it up.

Yes you will need an AC regulator to run lights. If you have to buy one dont by the Yamaha one there expensive. We have one for $19. The mod is easy. Call us when you have the stator in hand and I can walk you through it.

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