Desert tank time!!!

I just got a new desert tank for my 2005 WR450. Has anyone installed an Acerbis 3.3 tank on their WR? The instructions that came with this thing really suck. Any picks or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. Thx:thumbsup:

Best tip I can give you is to chuck the fuel line that comes with it and replace it with a brass t fitting and some fuel injection line. Other than that the install is easy.

Best tip I can give you is to chuck the fuel line that comes with it and replace it with a brass t fitting and some fuel injection line. Other than that the install is easy.

+1 (Great advice :rant:)

Infact, here is a post I wrote up for Krannie:

For the 03-06 WR's I would highly recommend the Acerbis tank. The Acerbis tank does have a high profile by your balls but it isnt so close to the header with the right side bladder like the ims thank does. Also the Acerbis tank is a 3.3 gallon tank that holds closer to 3.47859 gallons (Read THIS). Lastly, your stock seat will work with the Acerbis tank with out modification.

Your stock shrouds wont fit because in 03-04 the WR had their own style but in 05-06 they took on the YZ shrouds so you will need new shrouds :smirk: (either way you need new shrouds and those sick custom audio graphics you have on your X :lol: )

Also when you go to run the fuel lines, I highly recommend going to the auto motive store and buying some automotive fuel lines (1/4") and a brass T (5/16"). This advice came from Clark the WR forum moderator and it was well worth it (HERE and HERE).

Here is a picture of the Acerbis tank installed on my 06:




awesome!!! The first thing i noticed was that fuel line that came with it is really jacked up. Its all crimped and bent. I also noticed that mine only came with one new O ring, I guess I need to reuse the one on my stock petcock? My directions are very difficult to read. Maybe cause I got it from ebay from canada but doesn't seem normal. do you just run a line from each bladder (petcock) to the carb? one petcock is a normal one and the other one seems to be an on and off type. Also there is an aluminum vent looking thing that came with mine, where does this go? My cap already is vented and I am not sure what the additional one would be for. Thx again for the great tips. :smirk:

You know what else I noticed?? I go the tank on yesterday, finally:banghead:, and I noticed that in the kit there was only one O ring included. There are two petcocks to install and only one O ring??:thumbsup:?? Is there a specific type O ring I need or can I just get any rubber O ring that fits? Also, whats the deal with the ¼ Tygon line? I got some standard fuel injection line and was wondering if I should take it back and look fo0r some Tygon stuff. Cant wait to go for a test ride once these fuel lines are all sorted out:ride:.

I'd stick with the Fuel lines if it was me

looks like thats the route im going. thx!!!

I have this tank, it's been on since It was new and I have no complaints other than the high profile as mentioned above. I used the fuel line that came with it with no problems so far. I also only use the petcock on the left side (stock like one) so I can turn it on and off easily. The right side one is great for refueling your friends who dont have a larger tank and run out on longer rides. I do wish I had gotten the clear one so I could see my fuel level easier though. I thought blue would look better, but after seeing some of the clear ones on here I think they both look decent.

I have an 05 with the acerbis tank.

You have to move the mounts from your stock tank to the acerbis tank. Be very careful that you don't mix up the rubber grommets. Depending on how you put them in, you could end up with 1) very little clearance on the left for the choke to be pulled out or 2) the right side petcock touching the head bolt.

I chose to have more space on the choke side, which puts that petcock/hose on the right in danger of melting. So I have two hose clamps on the right, one holds the hose, the other serves as a poor man's heat sink and absorbs some of the heat from the head bold.

DO NOT get caught out on the trail and have this situation be a problem for you. Make sure you deal with it up front.

Definitely get some heat resistant hose and a brass T to help you hook up both sides of the tank.

Other than that, enjoy your extended range.

I bought a used IMS, no problems.

Anybody need a Acerbis 3.3 natural tank? Its brand new in the box. Fits 07 and up

My '05 came with an IMS when I bought it. Yes, the right lobe is quite low, but I don't have any engine heat issues with it--yet. Only concern I have is that all the fuel on the right side looks like it's not gonna get to the tap on the left side.

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