Mods completed / TPS question?

so, after weeks (months?) of procrastination, I began dissassembling the bike last Saturday to install: GYTR Oval, AIS removal, YZ throttle stop, 170 main and 45 pilot jets, open airbox up, kill the grey wire. I took it slow having never done much bike work befoe (made notes, drew sketches, etc). Last night a buddy came over and did the jets as I am scared $hitless of carbs ... while referring the manual I just got yesterday (good timing), I see that you should NEVER loosen the screw or even think about removing the TPS (throttle position switch). Being that I had already removed it completely to get the carb off, I was a bit dissappointed that the bike may not run after re-assembly. One of two things took place: either I live a charmed life or that TPS is nowhere near as sensitive as the manual claims it to be. Not only did the bike start, but it started quicker and easier than ever. I strapped on a lid and ripped up my neighborhood at 11PM. I can't say which mod did the most, but the difference between last week and this wek is bigger than the difference between my WR250 and the 450! Sticky gloves needed ASAP!

Check the TPS per the method in the manual.

the bike will still run even with the TPS removed.

but to reinstall and recalibrate it, follow the manual. You need an electrical multimeter and read it while rotating the TPS...once you get the correct reading, tighten the screw.

oddly, another posting addressed a similar situation today. thanks for the feedback!

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