OT: Are we going too far with gaming?

Wyden said $600,000 has been spent on the program so far and the Pentagon plans to spend an additional $149,000 this year. The Pentagon has requested $3 million for the program for next year and $5 million for the following year.

Are these millions supposed to be the "kitty" to cover when the "house" loses?

Pentagon cancels "Terrorism Betting" program....

I think the monies should be spent on investigating the autograph of the American Flag for a child by the president. :D


I so much enjoy your points of view. Look who opposed it TOM DASCHLE now how credible is this guy :D

Thats like putting bubba in charge of the the interns :D

What is you point :)

I say lets start are bikes and add more green house gases :D

Meant as a PM.


Im an imbacile :)

Well at least I am an over spending conservative imabcile :D

Brandon sorry for getting your thong twisted, but as I said Extreme liberaism is a mental disorder :D


I couldn't believe it when I read about it earlier today! I think government is way too big with too many little people trying to justify their positions and well, stuff like this happens.

And hey, I'd agree with the devil himself if he was right, doesn't mean I care about his opinion or what he is. No?

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