06 yz450f keeps blowing fork seals

whats the easiest way to replace the dust seal? take the whole thing apart?

Yup, just like replacing the oil seal.

What about those teflon leak proof seals that they were talking about in the suspension forum. They were a new item at some confrence show about dirt bikes, and one of the suspension shops bought a wack of them. Reports say that stiction is much lower than stock and that they don't leak, even after long run times and nasty mud.

Can't remember what they were called or where to get them.. Anyone remember??

That falls under the heading of Bovine Scatology, or as the Marines in the field say, "BS".

I haul mine around with the forks compressed all the time, and have no such problem.

eh not complete "Bovine Scatology" i know people who have blown out seals from tying down and compressing to heavily on long trips. Now they may have been riden hard before and not changed in awhile but still its a contributing factor

No, it's complete. You know people who had seals that were marginal or that had a minor leak already, and tying them down under pressure for several hours only makes the leak obvious. The pressure spikes the seal experiences in use are far greater than the steady pressure generated by compressed air when tying down. If you worry about the air pressure, you can vent the fork.

Besides, simple exposure to pressure will not "blow" a seal unless it is already severely weakened or not up to the task intended in the first place. What would need to happen is for the lip to be torn away from the seal at its root or for the lip to be flipped over, and both are exceptionally unlikely to happen.

But what I have seen is for a bike tied down with a "fork saver" to be bounced so that the fork saver is dropped, leaving the bike excessively loose, and ultimately coming free of its restraints.

I'm thinking about ordering the SKF fork seals. Anyone know a part number or know if they offer a complete kit for my 06 yz450f. And were to buy them from?

Those come from MX-Tech.

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