fuel screw broken in carb

Has anyone else had their Zipty fuel break off with the tip staying in the hole in the carb. I'm talking about the very small tip of the screw.. Any suggestions on removal etc. would be greatly appreciated.. :):D :D NO the tip doesn't go all the way through to the throat and the hole is curved Anyone know where to get parts for that carb.. Any Yamaha factory people out there????? I sent the carb to ZIPTY and they have been very surportive so I'm hopeful they can help cause I'M BROKE DOWN.. I can't believe I'm in this position after all the stuff I've written about working on things that aren't broken. The bike was running great when I started this IMPROVEMENT..

On the engine side of the slide there is a small hole in the bottom of the carb bore. This is where the tip of the fuel screw will protrude if you screw it all the way in. If the broken tip is not jammed or somehow siezed, you should be able to find something the right size to put into the hole and push the broken part out. The tip might be sticking out of the hole, indicated by a little bump in the bottom of the bore. Be careful, the whole passage is made to meter fuel and messing it up by scratching or wallowing the hole would cause metering problems.

Mine fell out completely...... I defaulted back to the original one.

Good Luck!

This is a problem with both Zipty & stock. If you seat the needle too tight the end will break off, this is a very common problem. you just have to be very careful when turning the screw all the way in.

Call Zipty, they will send you a new one for only $11.

The problem is not getting the new fuel screw, it's getting the broken piece out without damaging the hole it goes in. :):D

Stick a tack thru the second hole from the exhaust side thru the bore. You can cut the end off the tack & put then in a needle nose pliers, then wiggle the tack around till the needle falls out.

Thanks RAD, I tried that already, it didn't come out.. I've sent the carb to Zipty racing and am hoping they can get it out or get me a new throttle body from Yamaha so I don't have to buy a new carb. This thing is really stuck in there.

Jim :):D

Ouch! Unfortunately, I don't think you can get just the throttle body. I looked into this once and the only option appeared to be buying the complete carb assembly which costs about $855.00 US. Of course I'm no expert, so maybe someone out there knows where you could get the body and then rebuild the carb.

Good luck and let us know how it pans out.

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