Need some Flywheel help

Bike = 2003 YZ450f

Ok the never ending flywheel nut removal problem. So after becoming nervous when I was locking up the tire and using a socket wrench I drove down the street and borrowed my buddy's Dewalt 18v electric impact wrench and the nut is still holding on... Am I doing something wrong or missing a step? Did the previous owner torque the nut too much? There is an aftermarket flywheel weight installed. Should I just man up and wedge the wheel and take a breaker bar to the nut??? Again sorry for another rep through this topic but im anxious to get the bike back together for the warm season!!

Man I just pulled mine for the first time, its just a SOB to get off. Your not doing anything wrong. Careful when you pull the flywheel, the the woodruff can drop into the motor. Stick a clean rag in the opening to prevent anything from falling in it.

Is the DeWalt a full on square drive impact wrench, or a drill with an impact clutch? It takes a real impact to do that job. If you don't have one, you can:

  1. Put the bike in 5th gear, lay a board across the swing arm through the spokes, up against the rim, and take it off with a breaker bar.
  2. Buy or fabricate a flywheel holder.
  3. Buy an actual, real impact wrench, preferably air powered.
  4. Load the bike into a truck and have a tech at the shop run the nut off.

Its a full out impact gun. But I agree an air powered impact gun is required in my situation.. the electric one seems to be working fine..shaking everything in sight just not enough torque to actually take it off. I bought the Tusk clutch holder/flywheel holder and does NOT fit on my '03.. i may try to shave it down with a dremel so it fits. Or put her on the ground and try to muscle it off. If not im off to my local Pro-action shop for a quick cam chain swap. Thanks guys, absolutely love this site, my first time really using to my advantage but been reading for months!!

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