Need Help, How to set fork tube overlap?

I'm just getting used to my 01 426 and I'm having alot of problems with the front end wanting to washout (low speed flat turns). My tuning book tells me to turn out the front fork compression adjuster 3 clicks and increase the fork tube overlap 5mm. Problem is the book doesn't give me a clue as to how this is done (setting fork tube overlap)! Can anyone help, or does anyone have any suggestions as to how to solve the washout problem. The front end seems real heavy. I still have my 2-smoke and can kick butt on the same turns with it, the reason I mention this is because it has the exact same front tire as my YZ. I don't think it's a problem with the tire or my riding position. Hope someone can help.



Guess I should have used the search function before this posting. It would appear that the stock 739 that comes with the bike is garbage. In going through previous post's that was the unanimous decision. I'll be picking up a 756 tomorrow and that should solve the problem. Gee, I wonder why my dealer didn't suggest that when I bought the bike? Guess he wanted to sell me clutch levers, radiators, and skins after I tore them up laying the bike down in flat turns. Lovely! I guess the combination of less weight and worn out springs on my old CR let that tire work OK on the old bike. Great website guys, I've learned to look before asking, it won't happen agian.


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All they mean is to loosen the triple clamps and push the fork legs up in the clamps so the top of the fork sticks through 5mm. If that doesn't do it change to a 20" front wheel, trust me it works (with a 756).


Have you set your rear sag properly (100-95mm). This can make a big difference also.



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Well, I just got off the bike after replacing the front tire with a 756. Needless to say the problem is solved. I'm just curious why in the h*ll they sell the bike with that tire. Why not at least provide an intermediate tire? Thanks for all the help, I'll be trying to clear a 64' tabletop out of a short turn tomorrow, we'll see if I can get there now! You gotta love sik air.

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