Yz 80 2001 model Carburetor tunning Trouble

hi, i have recenly cleaned the whole carby on of my bike to give it a good clean. and im took the air/mixture and tunning screw out. i forget how to adjust the air/mixture screw can anybody give me a idea what it is or who knows it?

i would appreciate it alot...

i also notice when before i cleaned the carby out i had a problem when i start the bike and pull the choke out it idles fine, but when i push the choke in its like the big revs go up high and higher. and i notice i can't tune the it also, the tunning screw won't help cause its not working when i try to slow the revs down it dosent affect it...

the bike is a Yz 80/85 2001 model..

Did you set the air screw back to factory specs? It maybe idling high because its running lean.

If you dont have a manual heres a downloadable one:

all you have to do is select your bike and then begin the download:


turning the air screw in makes your bike run richer

turning the air screw out makes your bike run leaner

it sounds like your running lean.

try to adjust your air screw so that it idles cleanly

(you also might have an idle-adjustment screw)

is your jetting stock?

well the jetting is stock, and what is the air/mixture i screwed it all the way in and 1.5 half turn out.

how many turns is the air/mixture?

i know how to adjust the idle no problem there, i put a new float and main jet etc in the carby, so im going to put it all back together and see how it goes. i notice that before i cleaned the carby that the muffler that goes into the barrel of the bike was filling up with oil bout half a cup..

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