Aftermarket spark plug cap for wr426f

Hi all,

I broke the original spark plug cap (trying to remove it wihout first removing gas tank...learned my lesson) and was looking into compatible aftermarket ones (cheaper).

What are the specs or ref number (ex: NGK) that can be used ?

Also how important is it to have it watertight like the original ?


Many people here have updated to the later model coil and plug cap all in one. I believe Birdy got his off a Yamaha R6 that was wrecked. You will need to make some wire connections.

And yes you are asking for trouble if it is not waterproof on top.

Yup...guilty. R1, R6, Hayabusa, WR/YZ450...all the same denso coil. Come cheap on e-bay. If you pick one up without the connector, post up or PM and I can dig out the motorcraft part number of one that fits.

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