I got my new issue of Motocross Action yesterday.

There I got my eye on the BBR built CR125 with the YZ250F engine in the frame.....

Looks nice. :):D :D

It is supposed to be a couple of pounds lighter than the Yammie and still the awsome YZF power. I must say I LIKE IT!!!!

Looking forward to the release of the CR450F.

Gotta say that I love thumpers!!!!

wasnt it beautiful? BBR does great work, amazing... that bike was a real nice piece of work. Gotta say, im a BIG fan of what BBR is doing, its like they take the four stroke to the next level...they basicly make works bikes..a little procey but its worth it, if you look at all the trick stuff they put on that bike and try and add it up in your head, and then the man hours it takes to make it. its a good deal..aight ill quit.lata yall


Beautiful? Yes. Worth it? Only to Bill Gates. $20,000 to save three pounds is not a good return on investment. You could buy three bikes for the cost of one of those.

Worth it? Good queston. I would not pay that much for a bike. With a set of springs for my weight and renthal bars I'm good to go.

Now that said, I do not want to see BBR go away. It takes companies like theirs to push the envolope on dirt bikes.

I also can't wait until all the manufactures are producing 4-strokes racing bike. The more choices the better.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

<FONT COLOR="navy">






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[This message has been edited by teamtoxic (edited 04-09-2001).]

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