Ride a WR in Bryce or Zion, Utah???

Where can I do a ride in the park on a bike? Is this possible? I only see ATV tours, (BORING), and want to do this before I kick. Thanks bro's!

Hope your not planning on doing it now, it's hot here, you will definately kick. You want to do an ultimate ride check out Moab. Don't get me wrong though Bryce and Zions is nice, but I would stay outside of the park. Spring time is nice at the Pink Coral Sand Dunes.

LOL :)

Thanks pedman. Im heading into Vegas on the 22nd, and driving up the next day. Hopefully it will cool off a bit by then. Can you recommend a tour that uses WR's? Anything but an ATV would rock! :)


Let me give that some thought, because I can not think of any at the time. I do know that there are some outfits in Moab that rent XR400's. I can not think of there names but if you did a google search I am sure it will bring some information up.

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