Kickstarter problems on yz450

My friend just got his first dirtbike and we took it out for it's innagural ride. It did just fine, we rode for a while and went back to the truck for gas and water. He was kicking the bike over and it wouldn't turn over the engine. It's not locked up and the threads on the kickstarter and shaft that goes into the case are just fine.

Has anybody had a problem like this before? If so what is the solution?

Thank you in advance,


I had that problem with my '06. I think its some to do with the compression realase mechinism. Usaually when that happens I just flip my kickstarter back in and give it a little wiggle then it starts right up.

Do you mean the kickstarter wouldn't move? Or something else?

If the kickstarter won't move, it could be a loose camchain which has jumped on the exhaust cam. Or, as the previous poster said, it could be that the auto decompression is stuck.

If it is the kickstarter that's stuck, push through on the kickstarter (it will go, eventually), then kick again. If still solid, then it could be your camchain has jumped. You will need a new chain if so.

the kickstarter will move, it just doesnt turn the motor. I suspect a couple of teeth broke off a gear. time to strip her down and let the doctor take a look. my best guess would be the gear pressed to the clutch basket.



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