No throttle stop

I tried searching but couldn't find anything and I don't have full time access to a computer to spend all day searching. So I just got my jd jetting kit and removed my carb to install and do the throttle stop mod. I have no throttle stop and the previous owner said he never removed it and that it ran fine. He said he thought maybe the dealer took it out when they re jetted the bike or it fell out, the threads for the screw are full of dirt. Also the gray wire isn't disconnected yet. So, my question is can I run the bike with no throttle stop until I get one in the mail next week, or will this hurt something or be dangerous? Thanks

You can but you run the risk of:

  1. The slide going over center and jamming WOT
  2. The slide rising too far and permance will suffer
  3. As you already noticed, dirt can enter.

The throttle stop screw cannot fall out, it is severely loctited in place, someone remove it.

Very dangerous, dont ride it.

lost a good friend to a stuck throttle

i broke a collar bone and had a concussion due to a stuck throttle. I didn't know where I was or what happened for weeks.

I used to would have said "screw it and do it!" but now i only ride when my bike when everything is good.

"If the risk isn't worth the reward, don't make the investment."

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