Yamaha YZF500

Yes that's right Yamaha has confirmed that it is racing a 500cc four stroker in this years 500mx gp's. This could mean that we will definately receive a larger capacity bike for 2002.

I wonder what the Possibility of a 500cc would be to contend with the 450 Red bike?

It's starting to get interesting and we're 5 months away from the new bikes.


Because golf courses can be MX tracks! :)

A 500cc four stroker would be illegal to race it in the 250cc two-stroke class for AMA sanctioned races. I highly doubt the production model will be 500cc, the highest legal limit is 450cc to race with the 250cc two strokes. I think we'll see Yamaha up the displacement to 450cc.

However, this could be a new OPEN Yamaha Four Stroker? We'll just have to wait a few more months to see what Yamaha unleashes.



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Perhaps we could see a resurrection of the Open Class in the US. That would be cool.



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The 2002 YZf Will be a 450!! How cool!!

Maybe Yamaha knows something about the class structure that maybe introduced when the 'C.A.R.B' get their wish to outlaw 2 stroke competition motorcycles?

Then again the AMA might be willing to reinstate the BIG BORE class for '03 because of the amount of competitors that will be around (Orange,Red,Blue etc etc) then.

It's worth a thought.


Because golf courses can be MX tracks! :)


Just to clarify, the AMA 01 rulebook allows four strokes up to 550cc in the 250 class.


That rule has ben amended for the 2002 season. The limit will be 450cc

Correct me if i'm wrong.. which is highly possible.. but didn't last year run the KTM 520 in the 250 class... where's KTM this year :) Oh yah .. they didn't make the Finals in Pontiac .. too bad eh :D

The rule WAS 550cc but due to Yamaha creating so much competiton with the 400/426 the AMA changed it to 450cc before they could up the displacement any more.

This is a recent amendment to the AMA rulebook so I can see why you thought that.

And yes, I think an open class would be great. I'd like to see the 500cc two-strokes back on the track, I miss them :) I think there would be a lot more competition in an open class than any other class.



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I'm on your side bring back the 2-smoke 500's and the AMA outdoors might get interesting.

They still race big bore 2st in world GP's and imagine if RC had a special hand built KX500 to race at the MXDN,now that would be special.

Bring back the BIG bore class :)


Because golf courses can be MX tracks! :D

From what I have read, there are few if any two strokes still racing.

They still race big bore 2st in world GP's[/b]

Scott F,

I know there isn't many factory bikes out there anymore, just Euro Motorcycle dealers that do the Service Honda thing to either CR's or KX's.

Like you said there isn't many anymore, due to the factory's being able to give support for the 4 stroke satelite teams.

It would still be good to see what someone like RC could do on a state of the art KX500,don't you think(of course he would do better on a 426)?


Because golf courses can be MX tracks! :)

<font color="navy">I think the only reason nobody rides the two stroke 500's is becuase they're being produced with technology from the late 1980's!

How hard would it really be for Honda to make an aluminum frame like the CR250 and the upcoming 450 fourstroke for the 500? All that that would take is the relocation of the motormounts, a new headstay, possily a different gastank. Service Honda sells a package like this for $8,000. Same with the Kawasaki. They need updates!

All the two strokers need is some updates and a class that they can race in. :)

It certainly would change the way we view races today. Could you imagine what 30 or more two stroke 500s and bigbore four strokes would sound like taking off from the starting gates? Imagine the roost!



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