YZF426 Graphics

Anybody know where I can get a set of graphics for my YZF426. I am going to put on a set before I sell it. I figure it would like better than nothing at all.

I like Decal Works, very stong and great looking. Also heard good things about Factory Backing. If I had a Yamaha, I would do it up retro yellow/black from 70's early 80's. If your selling it, keep it simple and classy that would appeal to all. Leave the number plate blank, no number. Post some pics when your done.:smirk:

check ebay

check ebay

Not all graphics are created equal. Some look good from ebay, but they are paper thin and last about as long as paper being stuck to your bike.

You can pick up kits like this from factory effects for around $20. FactoryEffexYamahaStickerKit.jpg

anybody know where I can get some white backgrounds for cheap?

If there's a sign shop in your area that does vinyl plotting get them to cut you some.

ebay for the backgrounds, i got some dirt cheap on there. make sure they are a reputable brand so you get good thick sticky ones

one industries makes a kit for that bike, look it up under yz250 2-stroke for that year, they were the same body. don't hesitate to call one directly, they might offload some old stock kits for cheap

also might be found on ebay, but stick to reputable brands again.

I know oemcycle.com has some graphic kits, but if you're wanting OEM graphics I would go to Factory Effex.

I am also having trouble finding graphics for my 2002 YZ426SM.

I saw this at the track this past weekend and fell in LOVE.


Obviously its not on a 426 but I had hoped I could find the same theme for my bike. After searching, I cant even find these graphics for the pictured bike. The graphics have One Industries badges on them but the theme is not on One Industries' website. If anyone can find these graphics please let me know.

eBay seems to be filled with the custom graphics or skull and flames type graphics. Why is it so hard to find a simple themed graphic like this?

most company's arent still making kits for the older bikes. you might have some luck showing a custom graphics company that kit and seeing if they can make one close to it, but that's gonna cost some $$$

I didn't like alot of what I found on eBay, but found this NStyle kit (for around $100), which was decent. I also got some Dirt Digit backgrounds, and it turned out pretty good. I'm happy with it.

You wouldn't need the number backgrounds in your situation, it sounds like. :smirk:


If you go to a general sign printing shop it's not really that expensive to get custom graphics made (hint:tell them you'll tell all your riding buddies who made your new kick ass graphics kit and help bring new customers),but if you go to someone that specializes in MX it'll be expensive (decal works,factory effex,one industries). Just make sure the company uses thick vinyl. For the logos you can search seeklogo.com,they are already drawn in plotter code (vector).

The other thing you need is the patterns for the various pieces involved, which means you may end up having to buy a cheap kit just to get them.

Not really Gray,just a rough trace out (use tissue paper) and any sign shop worth any money will be able to scan it and digitally enhance it to clean it up. Just like when they do vinyl printed wraps for cars.

I like the graphics on my bike. If I remember there were only 30 bucks for the tank and shrouds. I don't know if North County Yamaha still makes them though.


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