What years of yz 450 shocks will fit a 04 yz 450 ?:smirk:

just wondering what other year shocks might fit my bike,thanks

Ok, the shock body is the same on YZ125 1998-2005, yz250 1998-2005, yz250f 2001-2005, yz400f 1999, yz426f 2000-2002, yz450f 2003-2005, wr250f 2006, wr450f 2006.

With that said, internal components may differ especially valving.



Here's a few, I assume your looking to buy one......

What's wrong with your shock?

My shock needs rebuilt.i found a 06 shock already rebuilt thinking that this might be cheaper thats .

It's unlikely that your shock would need more than a seal head, a piston band, and a fluid change, but it could be worse. As far as I know, the '06 will fit your bike. I believe it is slightly longer, but it will work.

Call Smart Performance and ask them what it will cost, when they did mine, It was pretty cheap.

Thanks for the input , I'M HAVING MOTO PRO SUSPENSION REBUILD IT FOR ME. thinking about buying a shock to learn to do it my self. Thx ,Dan

so does that mean an 06 450f shock will fit my 99400f without issues? also would i get a gain from doing this?

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