Rampart Closed for good!

I have this theory that 2-strokes are the cause behind the breakout of the foot-and-mouth disease. All that stinky smoke...what else could it be?!

This little shutdown of yours could be the proof I was looking for.

I'll bet that is it. It must have something to do with the polymetric substrates in the premix. The particulates are supermixed during the roosting process which results in hydration of the flourides cuminating in an exothermic reaction. Of course that depends upon the force of the roost applied. Can two strokes generate enough roost to force such a reaction at a sub-atomic level? I know my 426 can but then I don't slop pre-mix all over the trail. Hmmm.

Roostn in Denver

No one can go to Rampart this Sunday. Rampart burned down, then a case of Foot and Mouth broke out. A fire fighter plane accidentally dumped toxic waste on the fire and the area became radioactive. The government has it on quarantine. Those of you who planned on riding Sunday should go to a track. Tell ALL your riding buddies that the area is contained for at least 3 months. Maybe even 4. Just don't go there. Yea that's it.

Roostn in Denver

Just went to Rampart today. It was great...no dust, only a handful of people, great traction. I did notice Rampart Range Road was closed for some reason. Tonight all my hair and teeth fell out, and my skin is sluffing off in chunks...it was worth it, though.

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Mike, whaddya mean "handful" of people? I was there

Sat and Sun and there were *scads* of people.

I'm not having any problems other than the blurred vision

and ear numbness....

I went on Friday. It was so good I went back yesterday (Sunday). Not as good, it was dusty and crowded and parking was a problem. But as the summer wears on and the riders with weak immune systems die off from the radiation it will get better.

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