2011 seat

hey any 2011 owners have a "loose" seat cover ? What i mean is it seems "squishy " compared to past seats ive had .theres plenty of staples in it from factory but ......... ???

If your talking about the loose stretch on the seat cover, yes mine came from the factory a tad loose for my taste, (extremely loose compared to my brothers rm). I think it may have to do with the material used, as its has a pretty big amount of stretch to it.

I replaced it with a fx seat cover and its a lot tighter and doesn't move at all but now i have those dang wrinkles on the small half circle piece of extra grip they put near the knees.:smirk: But ill live.

mine is tight, foam even seams kinda stiff IMO.....

A friend's seat was a tad looser than his other Yamahas. Just on the side near the base. He pulled it over the edge and restapled it. Problem solved.

Mine appears a little loose as well, mainly on the sides where is comes in to contact with the tank. It still looks great though and hasn't bothered me at all. I certainly don't feel it while riding the bike.

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