Stock Bars Are Whimpy??

Hey all,

Well, I finally layed it down at the track...nothing a dry sandy corner it just slipped out from under me and I hopped off (well actually I rolled off and layed there for a few seconds cuz I was exhausted and there was nobody on the course) but the point is that when I got back on my bars were bent (or soit seemed)

I had a buddy straddle the front wheel and I yanked it back straight but it still seemed off to me...

Could I have bent the bars at such a slow speed? And how do I tell for sure? Could it be that I wracked the forks due to loose tripple clamps? Has anyone else noticed that the stock steel bars are whimpy? I have dumped other bikes ten times as hard without this happening...

I'm looking at some oversized Renthals but need to buy a top clamp to support them...

Just curious if this is a known issue.

Thanks as always!!!!


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you bet the stock bars are crap! Mine bent just from riding! I replaced them w/applied triple clamps and some CR-High TAG bars! And yes the TAG's are 10x stronger! ANything is better than the stockers


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Most everyone on this forum will tell you that the first two things they replaced on their bikes are the stock chain and handlebars. Both are very low quality and damage very easy. I would buy a pair of high quality aftermarket bars and chain. I personally would recommend the Answer Pro-Taper setup. But others like the Renthal setup.

Good Luck!


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Ditto on the stock bars and chain. I'm running an applied top clamp and pro-tapers Henry bend. I love this set up, but just about any of the top bar brands and mounts available will do your bike justice. I won't even mention everything else I've added/replaced. Your chin would drop and I'm also afraid my wife may walk in here and see me typing this!!! :)


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Stock bars whimpy?? :D That is the biggest understatement I have heard in a long time!!They are softer than a stick of butter sitting in the sun. :)

You would be better of with any of the aftermarket aluminum bars. I totally agree with motoman393, scottzx7rr and dirtdad. Either of their choices would be a big leap up from stock bars.

I personally like the Answer triple clamp (because it allows for different bar positions) and I use the Pro Taper Honda hi bend bars. I'm not that tall (5-10) but I stand alot.

Enjoy, yzernie

Good...I'm glad I'm not just unlucky...

Also...what do you think is the best bar that fits the stock mounts? Or is it worth the $$ to get the top clamp and the fattys...

In either case I am open to suggestions...keep in mind that I'm 6'4"

You guys are great...I'm really stoked on this message board...the quality and timeliness of info is unbeatable...

Thanks a ton!! :)

I for one am glad that they dont waste money on the stock bars. Handlebars are different from rider to rider and each rider fine tunes the feel of thier bike with the bar of thier choice. I would hate the thought of buying a new bike then taking off some new and perfectly good pro taper or renthal bar just because they were the wrong bend or height. Somethings need to be cheap ,they're only tempory.


doug makes a very good point! Bar choice is a very personal thing. I'm not referring to brand here but the bend and height/position is very important to you and your size and riding style. Since you're tall you'll most likely need to make yourself room for comfort reasons. If you ride aggressively, you'll want a bar that has less sweep to keep you forward on the bike more. As yzernie mentioned concerning the answer top clamp allows you several different bar positions. Most aftermarket top clamps accomodate this as well as come with taller bar mounts as an option. GYT-R is one that comes to mind. All of the oversized bars are practically indestructable. If you brake one you've probably got more to worry about than your bars or bike for that matter.

As far as bar bends (models/styles) most manufacturers have all their bars listed with dimensions so you can find one best suited to you and your riding style. Most will be more than happy to answer your questions regarding your needs also. Hope this helps and sorry for rambling on.


like a kid again!

00 YZ426F

01 TT-R125L (my son's)

91 CR125

83 YZ490

74 Hodaka Super Combat(gone but not forgotten!)

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I put aluminum reinforced hand guards on my 426 when I got it and my stockers lasted quite a few crashes that I thought for sure would have bent them. Then I had a crash in 3rd gear about 1/2 throttle and by bike did a little flip and in the end, my bars were bent and my wheel was off center(forks slipped in tripple clamps). I'm very impressed with how hand guards dramatically extend a bar's life. I've had the same results with my last two bikes/bars.

With you being 6' 4" I'd suggest the Renthal Tim Ferry replicas. They're quite a bit taller than the stockers. I wasn't interested in spending all the $$ for new tripple clamps so I could have oversized bars. Renthals last forever and are fairly cheap($75) compared to others.

Just my 2cents.



I removed the stock 426 bars right away and put them on my CR before I sold it. I put the universal clamps and Pro Tapers I had on the CR on the 426. Those Pro Tapers have been around for years, and have yet to be tweaked during many crashes. However, I have seen people break them in a moderate crash. :)

Generally speaking, the stock bars on Japanese bikes will bend with nothing more than a dirty look.


Holeshot's Page

The factory bars are part of the break in process. You replace them with your first oil change.

The trick is what to do with them after their removal.

I use mine to chase the neighbors cat out of my yard - since the only thing good on a cat is a little salt.


ebay- you don't have to buy new clamps to put on an oversize bar, just get the adapter brackets for about 40-50 bucks. They raise your bar a bit too. I put a new Azonic bar on mine this spring and like it.

You don't have to use oversize bars to achieve your goal. I use DeMarini Platinum bars, they are double wall similar to the Renthals, but the additional wall is inside a normal sized(7/8") bar. They use a curved crossbar, which allows flex like the Pro Tapers. You get the best of both worlds - strength and flex, and still get to use the stock mounts(if you choose). They're a little pricey list - $150.00 (you can get them for about $135.00) DeMarini claims a 40% reduction in vibration, I don't know about the numbers, but they work. I installed them on a 2000 CR250, and found that I could ride faster and for longer before arm pump set in (it's inevitible). I'm sold.

I bent mine too, they're very cheesy. I bought the Renthal Jimmy Button High. I'm 6'2" and I like the bars a lot. However, I think I'm going to put the new Renthal triple clamp on as it has 2 mounting holes and then you can get the bar mounts with a 5mm offset. This allows 4 mounting positions, and you and me being 6'4" and 6'2" would be able to mount them a good ways forward. I believe the complete kit for the 7/8" bars is part #CA0024. I got this off of Renthal's web site, but haven't found anyone stocking it yet. I've sent an email to Renthal looking for a dealer. I let you all know what I hear back.

I got the reply from Renthal. The word is is that it is a completely new product (the CA0024, the triple clamp with 7/8" 5mm offset bar mounts) and I assume that the 1 1/8" is also. They said that they will be available in the USA in the next 3 months. Unless I can find something else I like, I'm going to wait and get one.

Hey Pilot,

Thanks for the info...this sounds good...what is the total cost on a setup like that?


The front wheel is just for can't steer when it's in the air... :)

I don't remember seeing a listed price for the Renthal clamp and mount, but I've been looking for this type of set up for a while and you can bet that the clamp and mounts will run about $150.00. The Jimmy Button High bars were $89.95. I started a new handle bar topic on this forum after I bent mine. You may want to surf that discussion before you make up your mind; the topic was "New Handle Bars" and the URL is:


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