Has your Scotts dampner been reliable????

I just read So.Cal Eric's post saying that he lost his knob at the track. This happend to my brothers too. The knob popped out and fluid got all over the place. Then last weekend I went riding and all of sudden my knob popped off my dampner, then the thing exploded and shot fluid all over the place!!!!! The kind gentelmen(ha ha) at Scotts said that the knob was turned out all the way. NO WAY MAN I DID NOT!!! He insists that it is operator error and said they dont do that, well guess what pal? THEY DO!!!! Has this happend to any of you????? Im sure that they will charge me an arm and a leg to put two pieces on and fill it with a little fluid. Dan

So far no problems with the unit. However, my stabilizer bar cracked at the bolt up part.

I sent it back and they replaced it free. Said they got a bad bunch of machined braces.

I've also had problems with the brace becoming loose. But no unit problems so far.

That sucks Dan. There is a PDF file covering maintenance available on the Scott’s web site. It explains how to change the fluid, I just read the instructions and it looks doable (there is two bleed screws on the bottom of the unit, fill one side with oil using a syringe while air escapes out the other one).

In the schematic it looks like the knob is held on with an o-ring. If you can put it back and replace the oil yourself you should be in business.

I hope this doesn’t happen to me though…

I have seen people mess with others stuff and if you turn out the knob past approx 3 turns it can blow off under a impact load. I always set my clicks just before I start out and have never had a problem in 12 years of using Scotts Dampeners. I also believe the knob under the cover can also be back out too far and create problems. Its all covered in the manual.

Good luck


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