engine problem

hey guys new to dirt bikes so bare with me...just bought a 2000 426 and luv it BUT...after about 4 rides I noticed a slight knock (while in neutral with or without the clutch) we (my friend is a Mercedes tech and a long time rider)could not determine location of sound but felt it would be no problem to find the source. We pulled the motor that night and split the case the next day...now I have been watching this forum for a while and have looked at the motor several times and still have found no problem that would cause this knocking sound. (all looks good) I am not a mechanic but my friend is very capable of correcting the problem if me can find it...please help thanks...

there were three common problems with that years 426 that come to mind and were posted many times here. Just search on CB drive gear, clutch and transmission and you should find what you're looking for. If that doesn't help I'm sure someone here can point you in the right direction. Hope this helps!


like a kid again!

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yeah I had read those posts also and passed them on to my mechanic..we had looked at the clutch & basket first.. all was good, then the cb gear drive and trans all looked good..we are stumped....thanks though I can use any suggestions and all are appreciated..

Timing chain noise??


thats my only thought...it really didnt sound like the problems I have had with timing chains on street bikes but the gear on the crank had some strange wear?? I have ordered timing chain and wrist pin..etc...have there been other probs with timing chains ?? tension was good when we pulled the top ?? thanks

Sounds like mebbe the same sound I'm hearing. Tried clutch & basket, CB gear & timing chain can't find anything wrong. Engine's out & I'm in the prosess of tearing it down. Will let ya know what I find.

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