How long does it take a knee injury to come full circle?

Its been 4 weeks almost now since I had a little get off on my bike.

I was rolling through a sweeping left hand turn that was very dry and powdery dirt. I got on it a little too hard (with a balding rear tire) and the rear end started flat tracking on me.

When the bike started to go down (on the left side) my right leg stayed on the right peg but my left got drug behind the bike and thus I prefomed a maneuver that should only be attempted by a well oiled cheerleader...

oh.. um... I mean a cheerleader.

My knee is what took the impact. I stretched something severly in there because it hurt like the dickens for the first week. I was limping everywhere I went.

Its a lot better now, but I still cant move it in certain positions. I can see progress (barely) every day.

Anyone else have similar injury? :)


Have you had it looked at yet by a sports Dr ?

If No I would really encourage you to do just that. A knee is nothing to go unchecked I speak from experience.

I did about the same thing years ago and now I have a issue with scare tissue that builds up every now and again that needs to be scoped out, let alone the knumbness on the right side that is constant. I damaged nerves by not getting it worked on first and now I pay the piper :)

My knee still hurts when I exert it, Thus I got the EVS R7's. But 4 weeks and you still have not all motion man that is suspect get it checked....

Bad design on the ol'knees. What EGO said, I would get this checked out. I blew out my ACL many years ago(15). I had the surgery and spent a year going to physical therapy, thank god my clinic was full of hotties :) I was back playing basketball in about a year. Things have got much better in the rehab dept. since then, so your time frame may be alot shorter. Get it checked out!!

First knee injury in 1983 on a 1981 CR 250. Have had knee surgery three more time since then. It is a never ending thing. I'm a very active 44 year old fart that has resigned myself to daily knee and back pain and surgery every few years. Your body and joints are like a mechanical thing that wear out. You will never be totally the way you were, just somewhat better. You can restore your bike or body but never make it new again. The older you get the more you accept the limitations of your body. You also get a lot more thankful of the things you can do that your couch potato friends can't. My threshold for pain still exceeds my burning desire to ride and ski. Get a good doctor and tell him what your physical activity goals are. Be adamant and he will advise you accordingly. Best of luck!!!!

Thanks guys for all the good advice.

Let me say that even though the pain has went away and the knee is 90% better than it was after the accident and I think its still improving.

But if you guys recommend having it checked out just to make sure everything is in line before waiting to long then I will do it.

The really good thing is I work for a Orthopedic agency that sells knee and hip replacement implants to doctors. So I got the hookup for the best docs! :)

If that is the case have em replace the woo3.gif At the same time for a new model

If that is the case have em replace the woo3.gif At the same time for a new model

:) Trust me, you dont want to have to do a knee replacement any sooner than you have to. The technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 10 years but polyethelyne inserts still wear (material like the rub block on your chain guide) out after so much use and then the knee will need to be revised.

No thanks.

Mabye when Im 60 I'll think about that. :D

Mabye when Im 60 I'll think about that.

Hop;efully it will be alot better by then.My dad got his replaced and he regrets it everyday. :)

My Dad in law went through it twice, NO WAY NO HOW NADDA UHHH_UUUUU AINT GONNA DO IT...

yes, its major pain, and its major rehab but your its your only option when your only choices are sit in a wheelchair for the rest of your life or go though the hell of having it done so you can walk again.

And trust me EGO, if you have to have it done you will. That is, if you want to walk again.

I can understand that, I have had three major back surguries and I say from experiance


Uhhh-uuuu, No Way, Nadda, Aint Gonna Happen, :)

Buy a set of good knee braces with full knee cap guarding even if you have good knees. I will not ride with out them. Knees are difficult to heal. Sounds like you got away lucky this time. Next time may be more seroius. I use Asterik brand, EVS, and custom fit CTI 2 are also very good. :)


Ive considered that. I just cant afford them.

I know, it will be cheaper than having knee surgery but it tough to cough up $400-500 bucks per knee right now.

But your right, its something Im going to have to do if Im going to keep riding.

EVS is 164 per leg for the R7 and about 245 per leg for the web

EVS is 164 per leg for the R7 and about 245 per leg for the web

EGO, what do you mean "for the web"?

I dont guess $164 is too bad but isnt the CTI like $500 or so. And why such a huge gap in price? What more do the CTI's do for you?

If you have good insurance--get the knee checked out. Also, go to the Mayo Clinic web site and read up on the knee as well as the stories of the women who hurt their knees skiing, and the foot ball player. I could not afford the MRI--but after seeing 2 doctors and reading all I could--at age 47 I opted to NOT have surgery. I got a pair of Donjoy Armor Action braces with knee cups for around $700.00.

If I had good insurance, or was 17 or 27, I probably would do surgery.

I was wearing EVS RS7 braces when I hurt my knee in a stupid little 1st gear turn. They did not work at all. They need adjustable stops and the don't provide any lateral support.

Both my knees had been previously stretched pretty good from skiing, and I guess it was the last straw. Torn ACL and damaged meniscus. Knee tricks out but is getting better with strength training. I couldn't walk much for about 2 weeks, and it took about 4 months for the swelling to go down to pretty normal. Not much pain in my right knee now, but my left one hurts now and then (hurt it skiing last spring). It has been 13 months now for my right one and I can play mild tennis with no braces and ride my mountain bike pretty well without them as well. I wear them while using a chain saw out in the woods (don't want my knee to suddenly trick while sawing!) and while riding and skiing. Get braces. Spend the money now. Forget the pipe and rims and fancy helmet paint job. Get the braces!

I was cursed with my dad's knees. Both were injured over 16 years ago, one needed surgery the other should have. They are better than they were but they still hurt most of the time and cause me problems now and then, but they've held up. I still ride dirt bikes, play ice-hockey, and hunt rugged terrain a lot. It's just a matter of time...


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