Finally got the new 2010 working for me.

I was having issues with the oil leaking then after a new cover fixed that the suspension was Killing me. Had the bike revalved, springs changed, etc and just couldn't get comfy at all. Did some research and talked to a lot of people and decided on Total Control in Nc. Now I was in the past and enzo man. I gotta say Chad at total control has this bike feeling 1000 times better for me. Its so weird to I am now running diff springs than my 09 and completely diff valving And Chad did both my 09 and 10. He explained all the frame geometry bs to me and why they are so different etc. Well both bikes are real good I love my 09. My 10 corners so much better but haven't raced the bike yet. All I can say is its light years ahead of where it was. Chad and crew have done a lot of testing with this bike more so than any other bike he has ever done. If any of you guys are having issues, give those guys a call. They do bikes all over the world, had a lites guy finish 13th in main this past weekend in sx lites. They truly care about there work and have been doing it a long time. Chad is also an ex pro himself. I am know way shape or form sponsored or receive any discounts from them. I just thought id share a good experience.

Interesting, I just ravalved my -10 as if it was a -09. How was the suspension killing you? How are they revalved differently?

i thought the "10" suspension was good stock for a 85 kg person?

i thought the "10" suspension was good stock for a 85 kg person?

I heard that about rear suspension, but forks might need slightly stiffer springs for 190 lb rider (86Kg rider).

I just bought a '10, i'm 165 lbs (75kg), fork springs perfect, shock spring too stiff. I went to 5.4 shock spring, from 5.7 stock.

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