YZ cam mod for YZF450

Please explian, is there a post that explains it.

The cam mod is only for bikes made before 03.

It gets rid of the compression release.

Go over to the YZ side and read the sticky (the things with the thumbtacks at the top) YZ 450 cam mod-please read

You will find all the info you need to know

The YZF 450 has WR valve timing. The YZ mod is to change the exhaust cam timing making it the same as the YZ. You can change the exhaust cam by one tooth but the best way is to buy a YZ cam and put it in because the other cam, once advanced the decompressor doesn't work properly

If you already have a YZ450, then the cam mod has been done at the factory for you...

If you have a WR450, then you can buy the YZ450 exhaust cam and install it - and benefit from the YZ style power curve and performance

If you have a pre 03 YZ or WR400/426, then you can buy a YZ450 exhaust cam and benefit from the Auto decompression feature as well as the power curve...



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