NooB WR Question

I am considering adding a WR450 to my collection, current rides are DRZ400 and a KLX250...So my question to the guys that own them...Seems like there is a boatload of 06 450's on the market...There is like 12 for sale in my area alone...What gives? Probs with the 06 WR's? I really like this bike, but don't want a problem child:smirk:....Any advise would be really appreciated...Thanks, Dan

The only known problem child from 03 to 06 was the 03. My guess is the owners upgraded to the 07 or above to get the aluminum frame.

My guess is the owners upgraded to the 07 or above to get the aluminum frame.

I´m one of those, i had the WR450F 05 (same model 06) and upgraded to 07 (aluminum frame, new lights design, wider footpegs, protaper handlebar), but great bikes both of them.

Yeah, the 2005-06 models are good years. The 03 had starter issues (which can be fixed with 04 parts) and the 03-04 have a plastic plug in the head that should be replaced with a steel one, 05 and up have a different head minus the hole with the plug in it. (5 minute job to replace, 15 if you pull the rad for extra room to work)

The other "major" difference (if it matters at all to you) is there are almost no aftermarket decal kits for the 03-04. 2005+ have a great selection.

If you can get a good 2006 for a decent price go for it. Check the valves, clean the air filter and re oil with the proper oil, change the engine oil and filter, check all suspension bearings for play / roughness and replace as necessary, and check tire pressure etc.

If it's not already done do the grey wire / throttle stop mod too (this isn't a reliability thing, it's purely performance).

After all that is done you'll have a reliable machine.

Hey Gentlemen...Big time THANKS :smirk:...Hmmmm, now I have to decide on a smokin deal on an 06 or get me that aluminum frame 07...Like aluminum:thumbsup:

If this helps you, I often wish I had the aluminum frame b/c you can run any color plastic on it. On the 06's on back, the frame is blue. So you are sort of in a box when it comes to bling. If you don't care about such things, then save some cash and get an 06 with a license plate.

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