synthetic old/water wetter

Just bought a 2000 yz426 and would like to change all the fluids. Can I use Mobils SYNTHETIC 15-50 oil? I've already discovered the clutch grabbiness problem just test riding it.

How much water wetter should I use?

I run the mobile 15/50 with no problems. It is the only stuff I use now. I ride a 400 so couldn't tell you about the effects on the clutch grabiness.

I put four cap fulls of Water Wetter for every quart of distilled water.



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Old Timmer, check out the posts (2000 clutch update) and(BK..."clutch oiling") as these may give you the solution you're looking for on the grabby clutch. As far as oil goes, many people here swear by mobil 1 15w50. I haven't heard of anyone complain of it causing problems. There is a very good article I posted titled (motor oil) (no, I didn't write it) that gives very good info on motor oil. And just follow the directions on the bottle of Water Wetter. It gives the proper ratio's to use.


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