Bike Stolen

:busted:My 2003 WR450 was stolen from my garage in Calgary Alberta last night. Only 200km's on it. Flatland radi ator gaurds and acerbis bush wackers.Also a 1998 Honda XR100 (wifes).

Broke the side door and ran off with bikes, all my gear and a new pressure washer.Wr serial # last 8 digits are


If it turns up anywhere i sure would like a note. I would like to administer a little personal justice. :)

I feel your pain bigD1. It has now been 5 days since my bike was stolen. Hope your luck turns out better than mine has so far. If you do catch them, give one punch for me.

i will keep my eyes open there isn't to many wr 450 around here and especially with flatland radiator guards, thats if they dont tear it apart. Ever since moving here i am nervous to leave my bike in the garage, although i do have it insured. good luck on getting it back.


I had my DRZ400E and Honda TRX400 stolen last November, never to be heard from again. I DID have a long 1/2 cables wrapped around both bikes with a huge lock. Simple bolt cutters took care of that and the theives were on their way. Maybe Lojak can make a mini tracking device we can attach to our frames to track the bikes in the event they are stolen.

01 was a bad year for me. In March my R6 and my truck were stolen (got the truck back), and in august my 01 DRZ400s was stolen too :). I now keep all my bikes in a locked storage building, but when we ride we will always be vunerable, so I carry cable locks with me and keep another locked in the truck to lock the other cables to it(both cables are at least 1/2").

Now comes the self humiliation for the sake of the safety of others bikes. As you all know, when you get something new (especially bikes), you want to show all your friends what ya got :D SO... a couple of days after getting my WR450 I ran into a few friends, and as luck would have it, the WR was in the truck. Of course all of them wanted to hear it run and I was in a playfull mood so I treated them to a bed mounted smokeshow :D (1st thru 5th gear burnout). I was thouroughly impressed with myself until I looked at the burnt rubber in the bed and noticed something else... :D the forgotten lock cables (or what was left) were both destroyed! The one that went through the back tire and frame had pulled the loop apart and wrapped the cable around the hub while also breaking a spoke nipple and bending two other spokes slightly. It also whacked the caliper a few times and jammed some of the plastic sheathing under the rear brake pads. The cable that connected the bike to the bed didn't do as much and only snapped in the middle.

I'd never have thought that bike could do that kinda damage to those cables and it never choked a bit while it was chewing them up (gotta love that WR power!). Moral of the story? I'm switching to chains, 'cause at least then I'll know for sure when I forgot to unlock the bike again :D

Dude that sucks, I know how you feel. I had my 01' stolen last year along with another 90 grand worth of gear :). Our truck and trailer were stolen in Kamloops, B.C.I'll keep my eye out for you when I'm out in Waiparous this weekend

Thanks Guys!

i mounted a tool kit on the rear fender( from a kdx220) and the rad gaurds should make it stand out i hope :). I was insured, but the xr100 was not. Garage has an alarm now. Next bike will be cabled to concrete floor.

Its probabley been taken out of province where you don't need a reg'd plate to ride.

Even Canada isn't safe, whats the world coming to?

IMO the best home defenders have always been big and/or mean dogs.

JP and SugarBear have treed one would be burglar and a meter reader. I guess they couldn't read or didn't believe the sign."BEWARE OF DOG".

The cops took the guy to jail for trespassing. He said he accidentally wandered into our backyard. I found it strange that the gate was locked and he was in a tree by the window to the breakfast room. I think they were asleep in the garage 'cause if they were awake he wouldn't of made it into the backyard. The cops said since he didn't break in, he wasn't a burglar but rather a trespasser. We had to lock the gate 'cause the meter reader who got treed tried to sue us when he got bit and it was our fault for not locking it! After that, they peeked over the fence from my neighbors yard with a spotter scope to read it.

BTW, my garage is never locked, it's the dog's house!!!

I have a "Warning, dog eats everything owner shoots" signs on many windows and doors next to my Brinks stickers and the full home security system. And lots of great neighbors who watch my house like a hawk. Its fully fenced, no way in without jumping a fence. So no normal wandering in my yard, if there is someone init,t hey are trying to steal something.


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