starter click

I didnt want to hi jack an earlier thread, so here it is..... I was at a race and my starter started to do the "scream" sound when i could get the button to work. By the end of the race i had to kick and push button. i pulled the starter gear and everything was fine.I pulled the starter out and tore it down. I checked everything by the manual, brushes were fine, sanded the armature and lubed the end of the starter shaft. I put the starter back together and installed it. Now i get clicky, but can crank the kick starter over by hand when using the start button. I pulled the battery, charged it, and then had batterys plus check it. Its good. I pulled the valve cover and checked the decomp lever. Its great, smooth, and works like advertised. The relay does one click and holds when the button is pushed. Im at a loss. I have a race this weekend and gonna get it workin this week!:smirk: any ideas would be appreciated:worthy: the starter is comming out again tomorrow and getting torn down again.

Check the voltage at the starter post when cranking. If it is 10 v or less, you are not getting enough power to the starter - wiring or relay problem since you already checked the battery. You could also test the starter mounted in a vise on the bench to see if it spins freely or is still noisy.

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