my baby

just thought id share fb86f13a.jpg


Here's one of mine.I'll go get a photo of my othe one right now.BC3 style :)

Here is one of me and my Daughter with her wearing my dads old leather Helmet.


Love that one Blue!

WWI flying ace! All she needs is a scarf flying in the wind.. :)

Like the black rear fender!!!!! :)

How do you post a pic? The FAQ's tell how to add an image to your signature but not the post content.

Look at the FAQ again. You must have missed it.

Then under the FAQ look for "How do I add an image to my message?"

It tells you step by step :)

Here's my two



hey big desto where is that jump in your signature.. is it at rauher flats?

Danny, That's the front tabletop at PiruMX it's about 90', it's a kicker! Shoots you up there pretty hi.

Look for me on the 405 on my Hawk :) I'll be the blurr going by!



Me and my baby! :)

Heres my baby. By the way how do I make these pictures smaller.



I have a program that resizes picture easily.

I think its pretty small in file size.

PM me your email and I will shoot the program to you.

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