99 YZ400 Tank 4 Sale

Hey TTalkers,

I've been away from the BB for a while. Well, my '99 YZ400 was never found after it was stolen (yeah, like that was going to happen), so my insurance paid it off. I'm going to wait around and see if there is anything to this rumored '02 yz450, that is going to be a little lighter, before I buy a another bike. When my bike was ripped it had the desert tank on it, so I have the stock tank if anybody is interested in buying it. It will need the left hand mount, radiator bolts, and the rubber strap that goes under the seat. Also, it does not have stickers on the tank but does have the stock stickers on the radiator shrouds. If interested shoot me an e-mail at misplacd@home.com.



I'm interested in your yz tank, how much?

let me know email me at travis1@foxinternet.net

[This message has been edited by wrman (edited 04-13-2001).]

The tank has been sold.


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