DMXS Radio

Do any of you guys ever listen to DMXS radio on the web?

They are supposed to air interviews with people in the MX/SX industry and riders on Wed night at 8:00 CST but I keep missing it :)

I was wonding if its worth listening too.

No one :)

Hmm, it must really suck if nobody has heard it.

I've listened to it several times, but that was a while back. They usually have some pretty good stuff. Go to their site and click on "listen live", and watch and/or listen to their archives. One of the vids is highlights of the MX des Nations years ago at Unadilla. I think Rick Johson and Bob Hannah tore it up that year. Must of been in the mid 80's or so.

They usually have guests on, talking about their careers, or adding some helpful tips on techniques.

Pretty cool.

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