Actual Dry weighton YZ426F?

I read in the magazine that the YZ426F's dry weight is 247, then I read in the Yamaha's brochure that it is 231. If the Yamaha's brochure is correct, that's only 13lbs more than the YZ250, kinda hard to believe. Does anyone have the real dry weight? If I have the YZ426F right now, instead of the XR650R, I would take it to the local dump yard, and have them weigh it on their car size scale, but I don't and the weight difference is one of the reason why I'm considering selling the XR for the YZ. Thanks



The 01 426F is 256 lbs without fuel, but with coolant and oil.


Hey, that’s a good trick with the blue font, lemme try that…

When I bought my <font color= "#000080">YZFM over a year ago I weighed it on a pretty good feed scale and got about 252 with no gas. The bike was still bone stock w/ original bars, tank, tires etc.

I don’t know what they mean by “dry weight” but it must involve taking a bunch of parts off and then weighing it…

Even KTM is guilty of this. My buddy’s EXC is definitely heavier than my bike, a while back I saw a claimed weight of 247 on their web site. I think Dirt Bike said it weighed like 258 w/out gas. That bike does NOT hold 9 lb.s of oil and water. They also said the YZF weighs 251 w/ no gas. So I’m inclined to go with what they publish vs. the mfg. claim.

I think they said the XR650 weighed 288 w/out gas. Ouch. I’ve ridden one and believe it, the YZF feels much, much, much, much lighter. That really isn’t even a fair comparison, but definitely something to consider if choosing between the two.

Yes this is how it works. Since the manufactures assume that we are going to be riding the bike dry (why else would they give us dry weight), they take off the tank and the radiators (who needs a tank and radiators if we are riding dry)and then weigh it. See how that works. It is only logical. :)



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Originally posted by Hick:

Hey, that’s a good trick with the blue font, lemme try that…

When I bought my <font color= "#000080">YZFM over a year ago I weighed it on a pretty good feed scale and got about 252 with no gas.

<FONT COLOR="navy">lol :D figured I might as well add a little something SPECIAL <font color="navy">to my posts. ALMOST all HTML works when posting messages. I'm just trying to<FONT color="green"> STAND OUT<font color="navy">a little. :)



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Now I'm not real sure about this but I believe DRY WEIGHT is the weight of the bike minus all liquids in the bike. This would include fork oil, engine oil, brake fluid, gas, coolant, probably grease, and whatever else I can't think of.

Water weighs about 8 lbs a gallon, so think about how much weight they can take off by giving us the dry weight! I know my bike is 250lbs full of gas and ready to go so the dry weight is probably closer to 230lbs!

Just me 2cents, again. :)



<FONT COLOR="navy">Alright there's something screwy going on here. The '00 426 ready to ride with a full tank of gas is 250 lbs. (as stated in the owner's manual). The '01 is probably slighty lighter that the '00 maybe by a pound or less.

It seems like we're all hearing different things, but my manual says 250 lbs FULL OF GAS. Therefore, I'm guessing the actual dry weight is the 231 lbs. that you heard. </FONT>



I thought the question was how much do they weigh, not what yamaha says they weigh ?

Mine weighed on a verified digital scale that is traceable to the national bureau of standards weighs 256 lbs w/out fuel.

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my 2 cents


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the correct anwser is about 20 pounds more than i would like it to weigh

I weighed my 01 YZ426 when stock with a cheap bathroom scale under one wheel at a time, RTR but no gas. I got 248 pounds, but I admit this probably is not all that accurate.

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